HealthText by Grapevine Health


A culturally-appropriate, SMS-based, digital platform designed for Medicaid enrollees and other populations who have largely been omitted from digital health innovation.

HealthText Digital Health Communication Solution
Grapevine Health Partnership with the NSF's Small Business Innovation Research Program
Digital Communication Solutions for Medicaid Enrollees and Underserved Populations

A Culturally-Appropriate Digital Solution

For Medicaid Enrollees and Underserved Populations

NEW: Grapevine Health has been awarded $1M from the National Science Foundation to address health literacy with HealthText. See our press release »

At Grapevine Health, we know health literacy is a powerful social driver of health. With roots in healthcare, technology, content production, and community organizing, our team leverages technical expertise, trusted messengers, and empathetic storytelling to democratize health information, empower patients, and drive sustainable, healthy behaviors.

With financial support from NSF’s SBIR program, we’ve been building HealthText, a culturally-appropriate, SMS-based, digital platform designed for Medicaid enrollees and other populations who have largely been omitted from digital health innovation.

Before building HealthText, we interviewed and surveyed Medicaid patients and other members of the community to better understand their trust with the healthcare sector, preferences for receiving healthcare services, and sources of health information. These rich discussions highlighted opportunities for engaging them and their communities to improve health. Utilizing these insights, we designed, developed, and implemented a SMS messaging platform that optimizes campaigns to individual members’ clinical needs, utilization history, and engagement preferences. And, to facilitate scaling our solution, we tested the feasibility of integrating automated two-way messaging capabilities to enable patients to find the information they want, when they want it.

Our early results are promising and suggest HealthText will help meet the health information needs of our target audiences. Our SBIR funding has enabled us to test the platform with a panel of diabetic Medicaid beneficiaries, and the results have far exceeded reported industry engagement standards. We’ve since continued to build out our capabilities and are actively pursuing trials with a number of health system and payor partners.

If you’d like to learn more about how HealthText could serve your patient population, please reach out below.